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So you want to be a custom bike builder? Well friend, ahead of you rush out and buy that dirt bike kit, the one that will set you on the road to raw materials and fame, stop and think about the level of expertise and creativity the top builders have attained. More highly think about how long it has taken them to attain it! Let's look at a few key issues?


You'd be astonished how well educated a lot of today's top bike builders are. A number of of them have degrees (some more than one!) ranging from mechanical business to big business and marketing management. Billy Lane, the break down of Dicer Inc, has numerous patents linking to bike knowledge in his name for example. What about a big name a barely more "old school" like Dave Perewitz? Dave has accumulated close to forty years of mechanical, metalworking and painting experience. Not theoretical, but authentic hands on, early cock-crow late night kind of experience. Could you put that kind of time in? Matt Hotch is still only young, but has gained an incredible quantity of convenient encounter customizing first bicycles, then VW's beforehand emotive on to custom bike building.


These guys are shop choppers and custom bikes that are state of the art. They don't get frightened at once in the yard; the dirt bike shops have all the tools and gear necessary to construct about no matter which out of metal, not just bikes. Just as critical are the other army these builders use; the local chrome platers, machinists, painters and so on. These guys have just as chief a part to play in the construction of these one off bikes as the designer builders themselves.


All the top custom bike builders live for one thing; edifice the best bikes they can. They factually live eat even dream about custom bikes (and looking at some of the more way out creations you can entirely consider this from the designs they produce!) They are constantly determined to build bikes better. Its not about money for the top guys, I am confident of that.

So where does that leave Be around Joes like you and me? Actually, I don't think we are too badly off; in fact if you want to build a custom bike, it has maybe never been easier. Here's my take on it?.


There is an unbelievable sum of in sequence for the guys who want to start down the road to custom bike building. Videos, books websites, all of them help to compress the knowledge curve for a novice. Most of the bits and pieces out there relates to dirt bike kits, and for the beginner, house a bike kit is certainly the best way to go if you want to get real hands on experience. After that there are bike maintenance courses, which again will allow you to get up to speed as fast as achievable in your quest to befit the next Arlen Ness!


To put at once a shop like the ones you see on tube costs thousands of dollars. But you don't need all that stuff if you start with a motorbike kit. Motorbike kits can be put at once with some attractive basic tools, on condition that they are of good quality. Two effects that are an complete must in my judgment all the same are a torque anguish and a basic lift. With these two tools, you can intensify the dirt bike kits equipment correctly, and not break your back while you are doing it!


Well this is one area where you can match the pros, no question. If you especially want to be a custom bike builder, start doing it for fun and put your dirt bike kit together.

We can't all be Billy Lane, Eddie Trotta or Russell Mitchell, but we can have a lot of fun trying!

Michael Holmes is a aficionado for all thing motorcycle. His website, http://www. motorcycleparts-accessories-andmore. com, is a great store of articles aimed at motorcyclists of all levels, as well as a page distinctively about the motorcycle kits resources obtainable online.


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