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Call them crash protectors, crash bobbins, fairing protectors or frame sliders, all these goods at the end of the day seek to do one thing - keep your exclusive frame or the basic and often exclusive structural parts of your dirt bike from harm in the even of a fall or tip-over. The frame slider belief is as old as the known 'crash bar' and today there are as many designs and brands as there are models of bikes. The proliferation of these types of food bear out to the hit of the idea of as long as a sacrificial item to absorb some of the break in the event of a fall. We are by no means experts on this conception nor were we the first to come up with it, but in this condition we hope to afford you with an unbiased view so that you can make an clued-up assessment when you're ready to put down your hard earned cash.


Cost of the frame sliders must be apt to the items that they are considered to protect. Price is not automatically the best indicator of quality. Poorly calculated frame sliders made of the nicest shiniest equipment may not serve their end as well as well calculated but less 'bling' ones.

Mounting Configurations:

The frame slider must be deliberate to mount firmly onto a beefy a sufficient amount part of the dirt bike so that bearing army can be adequately disseminated or absorbed. Here are some all the rage mounting configurations.

Fairing Mounted Frame Sliders

Sliders that mount onto the fairing with small fairing screws may give some protection in a minor tip-over but offer very minimum guard in a slide. These sliders are not by and large not compulsory for critical riders.

Frame Mounted Sliders - Direct

The most common and viable mounting choice is at once to a preferred brawny point of the frame. Sliders with this aim offer the most guard and blow force distribution. The installation of this type of slider often call for modification of the fairing and in some cases like the Honda VFR800, as excessive as requiring the modification of the coolant bottle. For this reason, many decide the first or the third choice as fairing modification can at times be quite intimidating. This alternative is the most all the rage for considerable sportsriders, amateur and semi-professional racers alike as they give the best armor for the money. One other thing to bear in mind when choosing these types of sliders is where they will be mounted to.

Many models of sportbikes offer a number of sitting room to mount them, frame slider manufacturers all have their delicate reasons for choosing the mounting position for theirs and many of them make that array for the wrong reasons. An case is cost - a position that offers a two short bolt mounting locality is cheaper than one using a long all through the engine bolt choice. The ex- being a much weaker location. If you own an SV650 you will know what we mean. A further abundance is the use of a category so that callous of the fairing is avoided - see below (Frame Mounted Frame Sliders-Through-Engine Bolts).

Frame Mounted Sliders - In-Direct

To deal with some of the concerns owners may have about modification of the fairing, some manufacturers have opted for a blueprint that allows for the slider to mount onto an offset category that then mounts onto the frame. This offset introduces a whole new set of variables into the mix. Depending on the amount of the offset, bearing armed forces now bring in bigger torque stresses which will be functional to the frame mounting points. Offset brackets will need to be of beefier construction, but not so beefy as to stay intact at some stage in an brunt while harshly damaging the frame mounting points. This is often the most costly type of slider configuration as most brackets demand ingenious CNC work and design. In some situations employment of a collection is a calculated risk, in others it is just not feasible. No cut sliders are beautiful to most bikers so do your grounding and ask the manfacturer questions already you buy them.

Frame Mounted Frame Sliders-Through-Engine Bolts

The third mounting alternative found only on a selection of models of bikes like the Suzuki DL1000 Vstrom, TL1000S, SV650 and Ducati models of bikes allow for use of the long, through-the-engine mounting bolt. This logic is by far the strongest available as blow army are acceptable to be disseminated over a much superior area. This is also the back more costly aim as these long bolts are quite dear to manufacture. The aim must be structurally bright a sufficient amount not to break off when encountering the a number of types of bang army but not so bright that these forces would be transmitted completely to and dent the by far more costly frame mounting points. In other words you want to sacrifice your slider already your fairing and then your frame in that order. It's a delicate calculate and there is no sure way to guarantee that any one conceive will accomplish this pet goal.

Frame Slider Material:

The abundance of bits and pieces used for the frame slider must be a consider of the subsequent 3 requirements:

Abrasion Resistance - the cloth ought to be hard an adequate amount to be able to slow the bike down in a slide and not be completely worn down to the bolt half way by means of a slide

Structural Concentration - the cloth ought to be brawny but not fragile and snap off too easily on impact

Energy Absorption-the data used must have some energy absorbing properties but not be so hard that all bang armed forces are transmitted to the mounting points or fasteners (solid steel or aluminum equipment are examples of non-energy absorbing materials).

Most high characteristic frame sliders today are made of some kind of nylon or other for energy amalgamation and with aluminum inserts for amplification of the tie points. The range of nylon types, with altered levels of scrape resistance and "brittleness" used is also quite varied.

Fasteners and Components:

Quality of supplies used, aesthetics and characteristic of workmanship must also be considered when choosing the right frame slider for your bike. Look for high condition anodized steel bolts. Black non-coated bolts will rust in a week or less depending where you live. Stainless steel washers among your steel bolts and aluminum inserts in the slider also cut aptitude oxidization problems. Socket head cap screws offer the negligible marks allowing for a thicker and stronger slider dimensions and are in the main much more exclusive then consistent hex-head screws. Nyloc lock nuts where applicable are a different added wellbeing feature. True, these are all minor considerations in the by and large design of effects but they all add up to the cost of manufacturing. One last thing to bear in mind is to always try to use some form of thread lock compound like Loctite and to appropriately torque the mounting bolts to the manufacturer's recommendations. If you're not sure check out our torque good word guide.


Where does that leave you the consumer? Well, we all don't want to think about the day when we will be able to adjust the acquisition of frame sliders. The authenticity is that as long as bikes have only two wheels, you can count on them to fall over earlier or later. Frame sliders are one of the surest and least exclusive ways to make sure some protection for the exclusive or from time to time matchless parts of your bike. After all some defense is still develop than none. Think about busted rear brake levers, gear shifters or even worse - punctured radiators or coolant bottles, when you're miles from civilization. The rule is the same in our attitude no affair what you're spending your money on - buy the best you can find the money for and don't be scared to ask the manufacturer why their creation is change for the better than the overabundance of other brands available out there. Any good manufacturer will be very clear about what differentiates their foodstuffs form others so that you will be able to make the accurate purchase decision.

Author is the manufacturer and distibutor for US based frame slider and side dishes company. http://www. motovationUSA. com


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