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A attractive ride athwart cities and chairs named World Heritage by the Unesco, because of an splendid confined accepted area and conclusion in a surrealistic backyard by artiste Sir Edward James. Just keep reading. . . The ride starts in Queretaro City at 5,970 ft above sea level.

Queretaro is a regal city founded more than 500 years ago and named World Heritage by the Unesco in 1996 . It's located in the base of the kingdom two hours North Mexico City. At the moment it has be converted into one of the most dynamic cities in Mexico due to the surrounding developed parks where many intercontinental companies are located.

The first stop is just 45 action away: "La Pea de Bernal" (The "Rock of Bernal"). We are discussion about the third largest rock in the world and the peak in Mexico. At its feet a charming hardly town were you can stop for a soda, lunch or spend the night. You can also find nice barely souvenirs. Anything you choose to do, this place is a must.

If you like rock climbing, you are in the right place too!

The road to Bernal doesn't at hand any major challenge, most of the road is as the crow flies with just a few comprehensive curves. . . but just after cursory Bernal it starts to get fun!

Surrounded by an arid landscape due the high comfort of lime in the soil, you start with a very attractive divide up of twisties, one after another, up and down, a industrial road amid the mountains for about 30 miles. The landscape changes a bit as you development and a few miles later you are in the center of a semidesert.

After this twisty divide up you then carry on on a arranged part of the road. A few more miles down the route and you find a armed forces checkpoint. . . Don't worry about it, they are by and large civil ancestors just looking for arm and drug smugglers.

After the charge point the curves and the fun start again. As you get to "Pea Blanca" ("White Rock" in English) - by the way if you need gas, this is the place to stop and fill it up - you start climbing the mountains twist after twist.

I love this part: most of the ride you can openly see three or four turns in front of you, and as it is a low travel road, you can enjoy by hand captivating the best lines (always care it in the safe side if you know what I mean!).

After climbing for a while you become aware of how effects start to adjust and all of a sudden what were rocks, sand and cactus are now pine trees. It's beautiful. . You feel the adjustment of heat and then you reach "La Puerta del Cielo" (The Door of Heavens") the chief point in this ride.

We are now at about 9200 feet above sea level. . . The turns carry on but now you are going downhill. Bear in mind to alter your riding to that fact. Sorry to say I have seen more than one forgetting about it that and paying the consequences.

As you start descending you ride by means of a small town called Pinal the Amoles. . . descend, turn turn, descend turn turn, descend turn turn. . . I love it! About 10 miles after Pinal de Amoles, the come through starts to adjust again and gets warmer. The plant life also suffers a hasty transformation.

You keep devouring the road and you cannot help but receiving marveled of the landscape about you. . . Just consider to keep your eyes on the road! Turn, turn. . . You are in the average of the Sierra Gorda confined area and home of manifold plants and animals.

You carry on descending till you reach Jalpan de Serra the most crucial town in the Sierra Gorda and place where Priest Junipero Serra built one of his most crucial missions in the area beforehand course north to build the Missions in California. These missions were also named World Heritage by the Unesco in 2003.

In Jalpan you can find a combine of clean but nice hotels and some restaurants. A further leeway to spend the night is to ride a few more miles west to a place called Conca where you 'll find a hotel with Spa to relax from the day's ride and get ready for the rest of the trip.

After Jalpan our next stop and final destination is Xilitla, so you head north-east till you reach the state of San Luis Potosi.

A few miles after crossing the state restrictions in the central point of the mountains, at about 3,300 ft asl, in a rain jungle of incredible foliage you get to Xilitla.

This town was elected by Sir Edward James, a surrealistic British artiste - also noble and rich -, to spend the rest of his life. It is in this place he built a huge garden, a confidential zoo and a reflection place in the average of the jungle. Its very challenging to depict it with words. . . Maybe the photos in this site can help: http://www. junglegossip. com/.

In Xilitla you can stay in the Castillo "The Castle" the house of earlier Sir Edward James' right hand and friend: Plutarco Gastelum. This absolute Bed and Breakfast is inimitable in its kind and you can see, feel and breath the affect of the actor everywhere.

Another odds to spend the night is to ride a bit more to the north and stay in Ciudad Valles an central city of San Luis Potosi state where you will find all kind of hotels and restaurants, night life etc.

My recommendation. . . stay at the Castillo, fail to remember about your ride and enjoy for a whole day this Mexican Shangri La.

After expenditure the whole day in Xilitla arrange for a long ride back to Queretaro. For this one I like to leave early in the break of day and keep, if possible, a fast pace. Turn, turn. . .

We are chatting about many miles and plainly hundreds of twisties. . . Once my wife counted them. . . She clogged when she was at the 500th and we hadn't indoors back to Queretaro City yet!

It's so fun that the time flies and out of the blue you apprehend it's all over and you would like to turn about and do it again. . .

You know the atmosphere right?

Another leeway from Xilitla is to head to the famed Huasteca Potosina a zone of energetic rivers, waterfalls and springs. . . But that area deserves a whole commentary by itself. I will be journalism it in the future.

If you liked the trip I described and want more in sequence about great motorbike rides in Mexico and/or to call me for any other issue choose visit my site at www. japanese-motorcycles-only. com.

Enjoy the ride!

Daniel Levy

P. S. Below you will find a few facts about this ride.

Facts about the ride:

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced
Recommended time to enjoy the trip: 3-4 days
Total distance end to end of the ride: about 600 miles
Bernal-Military Checkpoint
Military Checkpoint-Pinal de Amoles
Pinal de Amoles-Jalpan de Serra
Jalpan de Serra-Xilitla

Weather: as normal clear and dry with the immunity of the rainy spice from July to September where you can find some heavy rain.

Recommended Map: Guia Roji Mexico Tourist Road Atlas. You can find it at Amazon.

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