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The story of Kawasaki Band goes back to 1924, at that time caught up into metallurgy and the aircraft industry.

In 1949, they categorical to enter the bike commerce producing engines that could be adapted to motorcycles.


In their line you could find a 60 cc two-stroke, as well as a 150cc and a 250cc four-stroke engines urban with expertise from BMW; band whom with they had had relationships since their early development in the aeronautical industry.

It wasn't until 1954 that Kawasaki Motorcycles formed their first absolute dirt bike under the name of Meihatsu (a subsidiary of Kawasaki Aircraft Co. ).

Almost at the same time, they also tried to bring in their own line of scooters to the market, but they soon realized they couldn't compete alongside the two giants of the scooters conscientiousness for those days: the Fuji Rabbit and the Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon.

And now ahead of long-lasting with Kawasaki Motorcycles history, I have to open a big parenthesis?


We cannot talk about Kawasaki devoid of mentioning an added make that will absolutely help Kawasaki befit as well as Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha one of the big players in the Japanese Motorcycles scene:

--> Meguro Motorcycles: develop know in that time as the "senior make and the king of four strokes".

Meguro entered the dirt bike conscientiousness in 1937. Having a good association with the government, the citizens at Meguro took improvement of the army orders.

Their first bike was the Z97: a 500cc rocker-valve dirt bike influenced by the Swiss Motosacoche. It's worth mentioning this model was a sensation for the factory and the Z97 was in construction till the fifties.

Along the years, Meguro formed some very nice 250cc and 350cc rocker-valve, free cylinder models as well as high accomplishment twins. All of them with a very bright British influence. Then and merit to the business achievement they were living, they also launched a rocker-valve 125 cc for their low end range and a twin cylinder 650cc to accompany the previously offered 500cc.

But it was in 1958, when Meguro tried to get rid of their British influence, when belongings on track to go wrong. . .

Based on a award-winning prototype of Mount Asama (one of the main races that time), Meguro Motorcycles created three nice and elegant gear with overhead camshaft: the 125cc E3, the 250cc F and the 350cc Y A. Regrettably these bikes crooked out to be too heavy and didn't get the buyers' attention. Meguro will soon arrival to rocker valve models.

Meguro Motorcycles remained as one of the top 10 manufacturers till 1960, but due to some bad decisions, as the ones mentioned above, the band happening to decline and was soon bought by Kawasaki.

In 1960 Meguro signed an early accord with Kawasaki Motorcycles, and in 1962 they had absolutely disappeared.

?. And this brings us back to Kawasaki Motorcycles. . .

In 1960, the business decides to give a considerable push to the motorbike allotment of Kawasaki Aircrafts:

They take out of the marketplace the Meihatsu brand, they build their own plant of low end and low powered equipment and buy Meguro.

These brilliant moves and decisions made Kawasaki Motorcycles have one of the widest range of models in the market. Kawasaki Motorcycles could offer at that time (1960's) from a 50cc moped-scooter to a powerful, high end and attractive 650 cc twin cylinder motorcycle.

Its also critical to bring up that due to their very own nature, Kawasaki Motorcycles has continually played the role of Eccentric in the business and that a atmosphere of autonomy from their main competitors has constantly been present.

Since then, many stories have been written, many models have been created and many races have been won on Kawasaki Motorcycles, the truth is. . .

Nowadays Kawasaki Motorcycles is one of the major players in the conscientiousness and next their tradition, they at the moment offer a wide range of foodstuffs for all kind needs and likes.

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Enjoy the ride!

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